What is Koloky?

Koloky is a platform with one goal in mind: facilitate constructive debate and collaborative argumentation.

Social networks, blogs, presse, etc. all allow everyone to express their opinions there is now endless comments about almost any subject. But unfortunately in a chaotic way. As a result, the information is too large, overly variable in quality, unstructured and even often redundant, to allow anyone to build an informed and rational opinion. The problem to solve is hence: how to help create quality answers, with as little as noise as possible (non relevant information, while allowing anyone to participate so that all point of views can be represented (as well as they can be)?

And so, how to produce constructive debates?

With collaboration. Here, Koloky reuses a solution that has already proven itself with Wikipedia. Wikipedia wouldn't be a ne serait pas devenu a reference encyclopedia if it didn't allow anyone to collaborate to produce quality articles, rather than producing a large amount of small and low quality articles written by individual users.

However Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a platform for debates.

With a few more ignredients

To allow a diversity of opinions, each debate is not made of only one article, but as many answers, editable by everyone, as there are opinions on this debate. All users sharing an opinion can then collaborate and accumulate their contributions to produce the best possible answer to defend their opinion.

And since a debate without scoring wouldn't generate much interest, Koloky adds a voting system to distinguish* the answers and show each user how his contributions are appreciated by the community.

*the voting and raking system will evolve to avoid being a simple popularity contest and the bandwagon effect

An alternative to echo chamber

Each point of view is represented by only one answer, such that the most popular opinion does not drown other opinions, and all answers are faced with others. With only one click, readers can have access to arguments and counter-arguments in order to build an opinion as complete as possible, and non biased toward a single point of view.

How to start?

To only read debates and answers, go on the search page. From there, you can start reading debates you find interesting, then their answers and counter-arguments.

If you wish to participate, you have the choice:

  • Create a debate
  • Modify a debate (by clicking on the button "Edit" of any debate)
  • Create an answer (by clicking on the button "Answer" of any debate)
  • Modify an answer (by clicking on the button "Edit" of any answer)

You can also upvote debates to make them more visible, answers to support their point of view, arguments to show their relevance, and contributions to support their authors.

But before you contribute or upvote, you will need to create an account. You only need to provide an email address, a username and a password.